photoshop users

  • Save the file at 300 DPI at the size that you want it to be printed (100%)
  • Make sure fonts are rasterized Save as PSD file

illustrator users

  • We are running CS 6.
  • Outline all fonts
  • Save as Eps or AI file

other file formats

  • Microsoft publisher and word documents have to be retraced into a vector format, we offer image vectorizing for $20.00 an image.
  • To get artwork to us simply email it as an attachment and *reference* your job/title/PO.
  • If you only have a hard copy of your artwork we can scan it for you.
  • We offer image vectorizing for $20/image. This is required if you only have your image in a low resolution version.

Custom Design work

We have a graphic design team that offer's creative graphic services. If you are interested in hiring us to design something for you,  please contact us with the specifics of your project.